Sister's Hosiery

Custom: "You are my big sister again back from college. It's new years eve and we are hanging out in your room. You are asking what I'm doing tonight while you are getting ready. You are wearing some bikini panties and some tight jeans. You casually start changing into your new years outfit with out even thinking that I would care. You dress down to your bra and panties and start putting on some shiny black pantyhose. You start putting on your dress and notice me intensely looking at you but don't say anything. You are a bit freaked out but not sure if I was actual getting excited watching my sister get dressed. You sit down if front of me and start chatting about school or something. You cross and uncross your legs showing me a bit of upskirt to see if I look. You notice me looking and call me out on it. You disgusted at me first but then you feel a bit sorry for me and decided that you are going to be a nice big sis and give a show. You can tell how much I'm loving how it and tell me to enjoy this but this is the last time cause it's not right. You give me a lot of views of your ass in the tight dress and in pantyhose."